The Next

by Serocs

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Serocs is:

Jason Hohenstein - Vocals
Timo Häkkinen - Drums
Michael Poggione - Bass
Antonio Freyre - Guitars

Produced, re-amped, mixed and mastered by Nico Saueressig.

Engineering by:
Vocals - Chris Lollis at Precision Sound.
Bass - Zachary Clayton Dendinger at Ossuary Studio
Drums - Tuomas Kokko at Electric Fox Studios / Escape Room, Jyväskylä, Finland
Guest vocals by überlord Boman recorded by Jari "Tupi" Tuomainen

01 - Oleg Zalman (Severed Saviour)
02 - Collin McGee (Elderoth)
04 - Antonio Freyre

Vocals on 06 by Chris Lollis
Backing vocals on 04, 05 and 07 by Zachary Clayton Dendinger
Guest vocals on 01 by Lord Nico
Guest vocals on 08 by Antti Boman

Special thanks to:

Dacia Egurrola, Merlina E. Zawpup, Freyre family, the Serocs bros Timo/Mike/Jason, Nico S., Zac, Chris Lollis, SMN folks, Jack Morrow, Oleg, Collin, Roman Temin, Marlon Friday, Superdoop, Josh Smith, Phil Tougas, Andrew Collyer, Moot, Kawas, xJulianx, Juan Cabezas, Aaron Chidwick, Youri Raymond, Martin Lacroix and whoever bought my previous solo stuff and pushed me to make this!

Tara and Freyja(my light and air), FMT, Serocs brethren(Antonio/Timo/Poggione), and Chris Lollis and the Doom Room for the vocal production.

I would firstly like to thank all my friends and members of SEROCS. Extra special thanks and gratitude is given to Patti Deakin for all her support and efforts towards me. Zac, Anna, Jarrett and psycho Gabe for all the help and support as well these days.

I want to thank and say hi to Nadya, Jesper, my whole extended family, Sallat, Anni, Jukka, Kauko & Riikka, Pyry & Mari, Antti, Kaitsu, Tuomo, Tuomas, Luc, Sick Nick, Victor & LAC, Soile Söderberg and all of my friends around the world. Special thanks to Tuomas at Electric
Fox Studios / Escape Room, Janne at F-musiikki / Sabian, Mats at SMI / Pearl and my brothers and sister in A Sullen Day, Kataplexia, Sotajumala, Serocs and Vile. Play from your fucking heart!

Mike uses Gammon Wood Basses.
Timo Häkkinen plays Pearl drums and Sabian cymbals.


released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Serocs Mexico

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Track Name: The Next
Arrogance the plight of man
Ego feeds destruction
Self sustaining plague of nature

Usurper of land
Killer of all
Rape the Earth, damning it's worth

Damaged by the trait of conceit
War by name and nature
Self anointed lord of this world
Life's abomination

Evolution's perfect killing machine
Apex predator engineered with no fear

Always entitled, the feeling of worth
Arrogance clouding the mindset from birth
Track Name: The Variable
Raging psychosis,
that overwhelms the mind
Consumed with violence,
The normal left behind
Racked with confusion,
A clouded over sky
Life lies in ruins,
No longer feel alive

Pressed with an urge
To make others know my pain
Callous a world
That has labeled me insane
Cast to the side
An indignant by the rest
Shunned by a system
Murdered in detest

Paranoid schizo
Plotting for revenge
No one for family
No one to call my friend
Vengeance consumes me
Behind an unsound mind
Time of the essence
This vengeance now is mine

Dismissive, mistaken, forsaken
Society's made me this way

Mindless, soulless, conscious no less

Primitive urge I cannot fight
Adrenaline surge that fuels the fire
Track Name: Urban Terror
Invasion, infiltrating urban warfare
Guerrilla methods, execution style

Severing heads, separated

Cadavers, lying in the streets
Martial state, no one here is safe
Eradication, home invasion

Profit feeding endless greed
Ruthless, silence
All opposed to us shall bleed
Vicious mission
To recruit the next new breed
Endless, ageless
Far too deep the planted seed

Vicious mission
To recruit the next young breed
Lawless, Godless
Green is God, there is no need
Endless, ageless....

Borderless, spreading death

Citizens and law alike
Have no choice, we own their lives
Families are victimized
Forced to see their children die
No escape, from murder, rape
Intimidate, decapitate
Track Name: Weakness Fed The Fear
Hypocrisy filled holy man,
Your deity holds no sway here
Attrition forced the faith upon you
And weakness fed the fear

Conversion not an option where,
Religion has no hold
Depravity is king
And you cannot save their souls

Depravity is king
And you cannot save their souls

Blood is God! Blood is God!
Blood is God! Blood is God!

Exchanging life's sanguine currency

Blindly pushing words
Of the one who has forsaken all
Confidence, conviction
Belief has engineered the fall.

Blood is God! Blood is God!
Blood is God! Blood is God!
Track Name: The Hellgramite Method
Enveloped by addiction's hand
This cursed stranglehold encircles
Obsession driven scourge of man
Destroying life, colliding worlds


Finding a cure leads to radical method
Implant an invasive parasite life
Sustain the worm with the fruit of his weakness
Feeding the larvae that's lying inside

Absorbing all trace of the poison ingested
Rendering sober, no matter the sum
Slowly distorting the host that's infested
Instrument of death, the death it's become.

The cure perverse, the gift a curse
Disease perverse, the cure is worse

Growing inside...growing
Growing inside...growing
Track Name: The Shining One
How you have fallen from heaven, MorningStar.
Son of the dawn, whose ban shall be his scar.

You have been cast down,
from heaven to the earth.
You who once laid low the nations.
Loved before all others' birth.

"I will ascend unto the heavens!
I will raise my rage to God!
I sit enthroned assembly,
on the heights of Mount Zaphon!
I ascend the tops of clouds!
make myself Most High!
invoke the rule of Babylon."

But you are brought down to the realms of dead,
To ponder fiery fate.
Is this the man who shook the earth,
and made the kingdoms quake?
The man who made the world the wild,
who overthrew its kings.
Who would not let his captives go?
Usurping everything.

Thrown unto the Earth
Underworldly king
Hail, The Lord of flies
Hail, father of lies
Rising evil, bringer of light
God has cast thee into the night

Satan rise!!!
Track Name: ChernoVile
Fire, explosions in the sky
Melting reactors in the night
Purge the radiating waves
None inside it can be saved

Nuclear holocaust

Radiation's rain breeds deformities
Catastrophic plume
Atmospheric doom

Contaminate air, land and lake

Born with eight legs, or with two heads
Altered humans, mutant insects

Radiation saturation
ill effects, who is next?
Fallout, birth defects

High mutations from fathers to sons
Passed down through blood
Genetically stunned
From Chernobyl affected for miles
Steeped in the land, seeping in sand
Track Name: Alienus Gignesthai
Evidence of divine status
Paleocontact hypothesis
Antiquity, prehistory
Misunderstood existence
The Mother culture
Farmed descendants
In human nature and religion

Terrestrial intelligence
Celestial development

Powering the impulse of mankind
On the focus of false gods
Monitor worship and births
Manipulate our strain

Waiting to be revealed
Plotting the human harvest
Incite the weakened man

No one on Earth will know
The coming of those most high
Waiting to be revealed