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released September 8, 2012

Special thanks to d.a., TLOML

Mastered by Nico S. (Womb Leech)

Vocals by Josh Smith (Gutfucked)

Lyrics by Antonio Freyre

Guitar solos by Philippe Tougas (First Fragment, Vengeful)!/FirstFragmentOfficiel

All music written and performed by Antonio Freyre, except:

01 written by Wieland Hoban
04 bass intro by Jacob Schmidt (Defeated Sanity)
05 written by Roman Temin (Zealotry)
06 featuring content by Marc Vogler
08 by Ed Talorda (Disgorge)
09 featuring sections by Marlon Friday (Abhorrent, Absvrdist)!/Abhorrentdm

All songs © 2012 Serocs Music



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Cabal
Freedom will never be given
it must be demanded
Welcome to the struggle to death
between the future and the past

We take the world from the corrupt
the oppressors of generations
Who’ve kept us down
with the myth of opportunity

And we give it to you, the people
The world is yours
none shall interfere
Do as you please

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable
We're an idea
which has found it's bayonets

But start by freeing the oppressed
For an army will be raised
The powerful will be ripped
from their decadent nests

Blood will be shed
For change is painful
But freedom will prevail
Take it, it's yours
Track Name: Metamorphosis
One can disintegrate the world
by means of very strong light.
For weak eyes the world becomes solid
for still weaker eyes it seems to develop fists
for eyes weaker still it becomes shamefaced
and smashes anyone who dares to gaze upon it.

A book must be the ax
for the frozen sea within us
Religions get lost
as people do

A first sign of the beginning
of understanding
is the wish to die

A first sign of the beginning
of understanding
is the wish to be free

How can one take delight in the world
unless one flees it for refuge?
The spirit becomes free
only when it ceases to be a support

You must catch fire
if you want to go further
You must change
if you want to go further
Track Name: Changeling
As I open them up
their innards spill
But something's different
This time I'm right
These empty vessels
are dissimilar

As I suspected
from time to time
I'm being chased
by imposters

I've been called "delusional"
but it is them who are blind
They can't see
What really lives inside

Loved ones replaced
for identical maniacs
but I know better

Known ones replaced
for deviant miscreants
but I know better

They are getting numerous
so I must act quick
A detailed surgery
might just do the trick

Replace the brain
It's been compromised
Devour it whole
Just to be safe

Now the stalked
becomes the stalker

Total paranoia
is just total awareness
Track Name: Mictlan Calleth
The battlefield is the place:
where one toasts the divine liquor in war
where are stained red the divine eagles
where the tigers howl
where all kinds of precious stones rain from ornaments
where wave headdresses rich with fine plumes
where princes are smashed to bit

There is nothing like death in war
nothing like the flowery death
so precious to Him who gives life
far off I see it: my heart yearns for it!

And they called it Teotihulcan
because it was the place
where the lords were buried
Thus they said:

'When we die,
truly we die not,
because we will live, we will rise,
we will continue living, we will awaken'

Thus the dead one was directed,
when he died:

'Awaken, already the sky is rosy,
already dawn has come,
already sing the flame-coloured guans,
the fire-coloured swallows,
already the butterflies fly.'

Thus the old ones said
that who has died has become a god

Even jade is shattered,
Even gold is crushed,
Even quetzal plume are torn . . .
One does not live forever on this earth:
We endure only for an instant!

Will flowers be carried to the Kingdom of Death:
Is it true that we are going, we are going?
Where are we going, ay, where are we going?
Will we be dead there or will we live yet?
Does one exist again?

Perhaps we will live a second time?
Thy heart knows:
Just once do we live!.
Like a quetzal plume, a fragrant flower,
friendship sparkles:
like heron plumes, it weaves itself into finery.
Track Name: 13 B'ak'tun
All was a wasteland
desolate and limitless
Above the inert flatness
space lay immobile
while above the chaos
the motionless immensity of the sea
was resting

When the gods arrived at
where the shadows were deposited,
the shadows spoke
and agreed what should be done


But man was flawed
They were always on the verge of falling
and when they fell
they could not get up

Now we must dismantle
and end you

Now you have heard
what will you give us
in exchange for the fire
that you lost?

"It will be completed the 13th b'ak'tun.
It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in
and it will happen; a 'seeing'
It is the display of B'olon-Yokte"
Track Name: Oneirology
for a severed head might do the trick
to keep alps and mares at bay
and save you from dying in your sleep

Swirling reality of obscure origin
No obsessive mare shall plague me
Until they swim all the waters
That flow upon the earth

But is their staring benign?
Are they aware of the signs?
Or am I trapped in a world
in which terror reigns nigh?

False awakening
surreal interpretation
their faceless expressions
and textless writing

Condemned to this weight
of eternal punishment
the mares' pressure
creeping up from below

False awakening
surreal interpretation
their faceless expressions
and textless writing

But is their staring benign?
Are they aware of the signs?
Or am I trapped in a world
in which terror reigns nigh?

Colors quickly turn to dust
A deceitful vignette starts to form
Oceans dry and mountains crumble
The mind becomes aware

for a severed head won't do the trick
to save our irrelevant human bodies
from the mare sitting on your chest
Track Name: To Each His Own
Every man to his own tastes
mine is for corpses
Much more fun than wild game
the chase of the most dangerous

They're not the first
and certainly not the last
I'm just tired of eating at home

There's no harm in this now
only good times
there's a surplus of people anyhow

It's been a ball so far
and I thank you for that
Killing is killing
whether for duty or fun

I know we all go
a little mad sometimes
but please, calm down
it's not like I'm protesting your crimes

Take your worst nightmares
and put my face to them
it's only over
until you have my permission

When did this monster enter my brain?
I will never know
but it is here to stay
How does one cure himself?

Hurry it up though
I could hang a dozen men
while you're fooling around
Track Name: Unwanted Protection
Do you want to know a secret?
Something I’ve known for a long time?
You are something special
I see the purity in your eyes
And the lust in theirs.

By cognitive distortion
I have kept you by my side,
Nobody can see you
My little virgin child,
But fear not
This is what destiny made me decide
And now here you lay,
in formaldehyde

The world is so close to collapse.
Find, my daughter
A favorite place to hide,
All the drills and the hammers,
Aren’t things to worry about

And don't worry about the Toms and the Johns
They wont bug you anymore
These muddy waters?
Just their innards in your tub

Little one
I know you too long
for my caress and my protection;
Little one
I know this is
the result of mutual affection;

I know this feels
like unwanted protection
but I can not let them
stain your soft skin with their eyes

Now here you lay,
Bathing in formalin
Frozen in time.
Pale divinity, cold beauty
unmoved look full of emptiness,
subjugated by insects.

Since that day
you have been the same
I cut your nails,
I do your hair,
You haven’t changed a bit,
You’re just quieter now.

Do you want to know a secret?
Something I’ve known for a long time?
You are dead
You just don't know it yet.